Mystery shopper visits Clerys

Press Release

Gordon Brothers Europe acquired Clery’s in September 2012, after the group had fallen into difficulties as a combined result of the global recession and the Irish property crash.

Since then, Gordon Brothers have been able to take the iconic Dublin department store from strength to strength.

In a recent mystery shopper article featured in ‘Menswear in Ireland’ the verdict on the overall impression of the shoppers experience was ‘…in short, excellent.’ The article stated, ‘Despite being in the throes of its popular summer sale, Clery’s menswear department was, like its staff, beautifully presented with not so much as a garment out of place.”

A new management team at Clery’s was established on acquisition and Dominic Prendergast was appointed as Managing Director in November 2012, to lead the team through the challenges ahead. A cutting-edge restructuring plan was put in place and renewed impetus and momentum was brought to the department store, highlighted by our mystery shopper.  

The article continued, “Its well-trained, friendly and helpful staff are a genuine asset, as indeed is an extensive menswear selection that genuinely offers something for almost everyone.”

Preservation of this iconic store was the primary objective for Gordon Brothers Europe, as was securing employment for all staff and concession partners. The successful restructure is testament to the retail expertise from Gordon Brothers Europe and the hard work from Clery’s employees, who remain the primary asset.