Global Retail Seminar 2013

Blending Art and Science in Retailing

The objective of the seminar was to introduce ideas of inventory management solution which is still a relatively new concept in Japan.  Nearly 100 executives of leading Japanese retail companies attended this special event.

Professor Ananth Raman of Harvard Business School gave a keynote speech to introduce his studies on inventory control and the liquidation business.

Nick Taylor, Managing Director, Retail & Consumer Products of Gordon Brothers Europe, delivered a presentation on “History of the Disposition Business in US and Europe”. Nick explained the development of the disposition business to illustrate its significance using actual case studies.

Other lectures included:
“Inventory and Logistic Strategy of Joyful Honda” Kenichiro Yagasaki, CEO of Joyful Honda
*Joyful Honda: the largest home centre operator in Japan

“Trends in US/Japan Chain Stores and Positioning Strategy” Yoshiharu Yuki, CEO, Shoninsha
*Shoninsha: Publisher specializing in the retail industry.

View photos from the seminar below.