Multinational wants to intensify its activities in the purchase of assets in construction


Date December 17, 2018

by Jessica Briz, OE Magazine
The American company Gordon Brothers, specializing in the purchase and sale assets, restructuring and investments, wants to intensify its operations in Brazil. According to the director of the company in the country, Marcos Brandt, the moment is ideal for expansion because of a positive perspective on infrastructure, a sector that will move quickly within this framework.
"We are not a bank. We are a development company with a lot of experience. Our objective is to monetize the assets of companies, from what can become a sale, or why they are idle or need to renew their fleet or why they need to continue the business, "he says.
Gordon Brothers in the United States has a reputation for being very strong in the retail area, but operates in several other sectors.
In the country, the company believes that it can advance its performance in the construction and mining markets together with construction companies and mining companies.
"We have several ways of acting and we can help the companies here to have liquidity," he says, stressing that this is a company that uses equity in its operations. 
He argues that buying and selling machinery here and abroad is a very promising market, where a company often wants to get rid of part or all of the fleet to reposition itself in the market.
"However, these assessments need to be done with great care and planning, so the business is good for both sides," he says.
He believes that the work being done in a professional way monetizes more, creating new opportunities.
Marcos says the company has no restriction on working with companies undergoing judicial reorganization but pointed out that Gordon Brothers does not buy companies or participate in management. "We only stay in the period when the company needs us," he points out.
Gordon Brothers is present in 25 countries with a turnover of transactions and valuations of $70 billion per year. In Brazil, the company opened an office about two years ago.