American Gordon Brothers intensifies purchase of assets of companies from the Brazilian market of construction machinery


Date December 19, 2018

originally published in M&T Magazine
The American multinational Gordon Brothers, with 115 years of activity in the market for the purchase and sale of assets of companies in the Brazilian sector of construction and infrastructure machines, reinforces its strategy to support companies in the Brazilian construction and industrial equipment market that support the sector.
"The company invests in a work focused on this sector, providing quick liquidity of all assets to those who need to adjust to the business," says Marcos Brandt, senior managing director of Gordon Brothers Brazil.
Present in 25 countries and with a turnover of $ 70 billion a year, the company has captured the global market by supporting troubled companies that need liquidity and divest their assets.
"Gordon Brothers buys these assets and seeks the best price for all items in markets in different countries around the world," he says.

Market Perception

The company has made an accurate diagnosis of the assets and seeks the best price for all items in markets in different countries of the world. As a strategy, it maximizes the value of every category of assets, eases leases, alleviates assets, and even operates in companies when necessary.
"Gordon Brothers enables the comparison of raw materials and promotes business development in organizations," he says.
Despite having its history linked to retail, consumer products and the real estate market, the executive explains, 50% of Gordon Brothers' revenue comes from industry, including construction, shipping and mining.
After a year and a half in Brazil, the company has the clear objective of making the country one of its ten largest markets.