2017 John A. Lima scholarship award

We are excited to announce this year’s recipients of the John A. Lima Scholarship awards, Dylan Tarnutzer and Kaitlynn Arredondo.  This award is given by Gordon Brothers’ valuations group each year in memory of a former AccuVal employee, John Lima.
John Lima was an adept appraiser who touched many lives at AccuVal prior to its acquisition by Gordon Brothers.  John suffered an untimely death from cancer in 2005.  Although he struggled in school, he was an avid reader of many books.  He brought a high level of intelligence to the development of the firm from its beginning, and became a leader in the organization.  John had a very dry sense of humor, and was reportedly a bit of a curmudgeon.  However, he had an advanced ability to retain all technical aspects of industrial equipment, and became quickly renowned as one of the best in his field.  He was involved in all technical aspects of valuations and became a “go to” resource for all aspects of our valuation business.  Despite his sometimes hard exterior, John loved to teach and was instrumental in developing AccuVal’s first training programs.  He served as an instructor for many of our managers today.
This year’s first recipient is Dylan Tarnutzer, son of Brad Tarnutzer, one of our technology appraisers.  Dylan is an 18 year-old high school senior at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa, California.  He has earned a 3.6 GPA, and will pursue a business administration degree at a state university in the fall.  Dylan plays varsity baseball, and has passed on his love of the sport by assisting at youth baseball camps.  He helps his community by volunteering at a food bank.  He has also personally enhanced the life of a local young man who has cancer by spending time with him and helping redo his bedroom.  Dylan has also faced and overcome recent personal challenges, as his family lost their home to the California wildfires in October 2017.  His high school was also severely damaged.  Dylan worked with his classmates to assist the community in rebuilding after the fires, and helped his family move into a new home.  Dylan has matured by adjusting to these life-altering changes while maintaining his focus on helping others, and remains dedicated to working toward his future goals.
Our second recipient is Kaitlynn Arredondo, sister of Tiffany Arredondo.  Kaitlynn is in her junior year at Case Western University in Cleveland, OH.  She is double majoring in communication sciences and psychology, with the goal of becoming a speech-language pathologist.  She intends to continue to graduate school, to earn her Master’s degree.  She holds a 4.0 GPA while balancing 18 credits per semester and working two jobs, including as a resident assistant in her dorm.  Kaitlynn has pursued hands-on experience through university research labs, clinical experience in the Cleveland area, and working as a research assistant.  Kaitlynn has gained leadership skills through serving on the board of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, first as treasurer and now chapter president.  She advocates for her field by organizing events and fundraisers.  Her passion to help children overcome speech difficulties stems from her own struggles with a speech-language disorder and learning disabilities.  She has continually pushed herself to improve academically.  Kaitlynn  uses her willpower to succeed in her own life as the drive to assist her future clients. 

These two award recipients are the perfect representatives of the John Lima Scholarship.  We are honored to recognize these two amazing individuals who pursed personal goals to be continually learning, helping others, and taking on new challenges, all while having a great attitude.  Congratulations!